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Chasing Tails

In a bleak future, where technology is considered evil, a scientist tries to raise his daughter.

Note: I am not responsible for emotional trauma caused by reading this story.


In 2042, a government lab lost track of a new generation of nanobots.

The news was kept quiet, except for a few hackers who had tapped into government research channels. Armed with design specs, access to top-secret communication networks, and some excellent programming talents, they quickly took control of the nanobots, developed some open-source code, and posted the information on the Internet.

The news spread quicker than the government could close down web sites.

While the government scrambled frantically to regulate nanotech, previously the domain of government researchers and multinational conglomerates, people across the world were using the new technology.

Oddly enough, the accidents and catastrophes were very limited.

In less than six months, researchers like Doctor Donetta Tiorelli and Professor-Emeritus Jürgen Bremlisch had already demonstrated the astonishing results that could be had with nano-surgery. Others began experimenting as well, and a little-known rock musician was catapulted to fame when he had animated tattoos applied to his body.

Across the globe, independent nanotech developers began gathering together into small communities. These communities grew, a part of the cities in much the same way that 'China-towns' and 'Little Italies' had in previous generations.

Named the "Developer Projects", these nano-ghettos eventually became known as the DEV::projects, a play on words of the programmer term, /dev/null (from Unix), and updated for object-oriented programming (loosely translated, "initiate 'project' protocols and assign return codes to variable 'DEV'").

The Dev's are fighting for their rights, sometimes experiencing heavy losses in the face of government opposition. While they are the pioneers of a new, innovative technology, they are feared because of their "rabid individuality," as well as their blatant disrespect for an oppressive and corrupt political system. (Notice: Some issues discussed are illegal in some states.)


Phade arrives at the Projects, and stirs up some trouble.


While Phade and Aera are in self-induced comas, the rest of the community takes turns describing changes that take place in a very short time.

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Traveling Among Enemies

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